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Protecting Your Legal Rights in the Workplace

Many times people contact our Employment Law firm when their employment relationship has gone wrong. If an employee has an employment problem at work, what often comes to mind is they need a Employment Lawyer. Having issues at work is not as uncommon as you may think.
The employer-employee relationship is one of the most important relationships in our lives. Work is a big part of our life but how much time do we actually spend working? Let’s say that average person works 40 hours a week, from the age of 20-65 and gets two weeks of vacation every year. In that time, the average person will have worked a total of 90,360 hours of his life working. You can see some of these facts at the Bureau of Labor Statics

Some of the main reasons you may need to contact a Employment Lawyer may be:

  1. You want to initiate a class action lawsuit against your employer
  2. You were wrongfully terminated
  3. You experienced workplace discrimination
  4. You were sexually harassed
  5. You were involved in a work injury
  6. Your employer failed to properly accommodate your medical absence/leave
  7. Your employer owes you money whether it is overtimeprevailing wage,
    an unpaid
     bonus, commission, or you were prevented from taking meal or rest breaks
  8. Your employer violated the contract for employment
  9. UNSAFE WORKPLACE – California Labor Code violations due to unsafe workplaces. These classes of cases involve employees who were fired from their job or retaliated against because they complained about unsafe working conditions, or refused to work in an unsafe or unhealthful work environment. Moreover, labor attorneys handle cases for OSHA whistleblowers. OSHA WHISTLE BLOWING

If you are dealing with an issue at work, contact the Employment Lawyers Group
to discuss if we can help you.

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